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June 1, 2005


New interactive demo article comparing the "standard" font families.


Some new terms in the Glossary.


New articles are on the way.


Browser compatibility has turned out to be an issue with the layout -- at present it works with IE6, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Netscape, but is slightly degraded with Mac IE.


New content is coming fairly soon, including a links page, templates and sample graphics, sample code, and more tutorials and demos of CSS, Javascript, and more.


Watch this space to keep up with the changes as they happen!

It's time to take control!

Whether you are starting from scratch or giving your page a makeover, we'll help you put your web page to work. We'll talk about the how-tos, the when-tos and whys of using the Internet for your business or personal page.

Design Tips  

The web is skimmed, not read, so color, graphic design and layout are as important in communicating as your words. Whether you have a blank page, or just need a makeover, we have advice, templates and graphics to help you along.

Web Tools  

We get to the bottom of the alphabet soup and explain HTML, CSS, DHTML, and lots of other terms. We also show you how to use the most important web programs to build your pages and graphics, and present some exclusive tutorials and demos for testing your web designs.

Business Strategy  

We'll help you decide how best to use the web to meet your business or personal goals, including promoting the site, taking advantage of free services, and how and when to hire help.

New Articles

The Font-O-Matic, version 1 This interactive demo uses CSS font attributes to let you change fonts and font sizes on the fly. See the differences between Times and Times New Roman for yourself, even if you are still using FONT tags on your pages.

Those Little Icon-y Things and how to make them. They're called favicons, and you can have them, too.

CSS and the Body The HTML <BODY> tag is pretty boring on its own, but CSS makes it very powerful. Our interactive demo shows what happens when you tweak some of the parameters.

Controlling Text, part 1 The basics of aligning and manipulating text using the HTML <p> (paragraph), BLOCKQUOTE and DIV tags.

Fun with Style Sheets, Part 1. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can give you a whole new palette of effects for your page. This page is about boxes.

Fun with Style Sheets, Part 2 - Stylish Rollovers You don't need Javascript or rollover images to do rollover effects, if you use CSS. Here's how.

Layouts using CSS, part 1 CSS can free you from using spacer graphics and tables to lay out a page.

Using HTML list tags, Part 1 Don't list things the hard way -- the list tags are very useful, and have several benefits.