Art Art Model Camp Burning Man

Art Model Camp at Burning Man 2023

Art Model Camp is returning to Burning Man for 2023. This will be our 15th appearance at Burning Man for our drawing salon. We’re once again located in the Alternative Energy Zone, and will probably be at the corner of 4:00 and F. (may be subject to change depending on placement).

You can see photos from past years on Instagram at If you would like more information, we also have a Facebook page at


Meta: WordPress has changed a lot

Apparently I’ve missed some major feature changes to WordPress since I last actively edited this site. The tools now enable more control for editing site-wide, and what used to be called a “block” in WordPress seems to be different. Blocks used to be layout components in the site them, but now there’s a block structure to every post. Looks very powerful, but now I need to catch up. Starting with upgrading my theme.