The acclaimed Watchmen parody comic by Richard Johnston (The Flying Friar, Civil Wardrobe, Holed Up, The X-Flies) and Simon Rohrmuller is now available for your iPhone in full color.

Someone is killing lawyers in the comic book industry, and it’s up to Nite Nurse, Spottyman, Silk, and 1600 Broadway to find out who is behind this plot. Could the mysterious Ozzyozbourne know more than he’s letting on? ( Mind you, he isn’t letting on that he can remember much of anything. ) What about the mysterious Black Dossier? Is there Moore to this than meets the eye?

Reading Watchmensch is easy with the built-in Weasel Reader. Tap on the right to go foward, tap the left to go backward. You can pinch and zoom any time you want, or rotate the phone for a closer look at wide panels. Tap in the center for help and other features.

Works with version 3.0 and above of iPhone or iPod Touch. Version 3.1 recommended for best results.

Now available for $0.99 in the App Store.

watchmensch cover


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