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Social Shopping links for 20 Dec 2010

Two articles about how consumers are using new tools to find bargains and improve their shopping experiences:

Wired article about the Groupon phenonomon, and how it’s transforming consumer behavior.

From the Wall Street Journal: “Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear into Retailers”

And NFC (Near-Field Communication) is just around the corner, with upcoming Android handset support, and rumors that the next iPhone will also include it. Mercatur Advisory Group thinks these services will provide carriers with more leverage, though the market won’t reach meaningful mass until 2012. NFC is similar to the keychains you tap on the gas pump to pay, this technology is making its way into new phone handsets, and provides carriers with a possible new source of income as they process payments made this way.

USA Today article about Ebay’s CEO, and his focus on mobile. Ebay has recently made quite a few strategic acquisitions in the mobile arena, including purchase of Red Laser and their recent takeover of They are moving fast to integrate these companies, too.

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